Social Media And Travel

Social media has become an important part of our lives. From staying in touch with our loves ones to posting pictures to show our current updates. Social media includes Facebook, twitter, Instagram,snap chat etc. which are some very commonly used social media sites and applications via which people used to share their experiences. We all love traveling to different places and sharing the beautiful moments with our friends and families.Until the social media came into being with some extraordinary features people would print photos and show it to every one when they would come back home but now the scenario has been changed totally.

Today, the moment people decide to leave for a vacation they tend to show their excitement by posting status on Instagram Facebook etc. so that their friends and others know about their plan. When people post and share their vacation’s details like the pictures of the places they visit, the quality of food, hotel they stayed in etc. it helps others to get an idea about the place and if they would want to visit there or not!

This twitter poll suggests that most of the people post their pictures on social media when they travel.

Since it is a digital media world in which we live today, we don’t have to step out of the house to book tickets for our holidays or to arrange accommodations etc. as the travel and tourism companies has their online pages on Facebook and other sites which helps us to arrange a good vacation within our budget.


travel by Hamza Butt (CC BY 2.0)

Social media is an important tool for the analysis of tourists’ attitudes and this is confirmed by the increased purchases and recommendations to other users. Building successful service-based brand in tourism means that each offer should be a unique value proposition based on the customer experience. (Brdaret al, 2014, p.759)

Use of social media while traveling affects the tourism companies as they rely upon the consumers’ feedback which they share online to attract more consumers and also the companies then share the feedback and pictures by the consumers on social media like their twitter and Facebook page. It can positively impact their sale. But if the consumers give a negative feedback online, which can be seen by others, then the company might lose some of its customers.


travel by fdecomite   (CC BY 2.0)

Social media are playing an increasingly important role in consumer decisions, with particular application to holiday choice, as an example of a high-involvement decision. (Bronner and Hoog , 2013)

Applications such as snap chats and Instagram’s allow the travelers to show their followers contemporary sights of the trip by uploading stories online. People show their hotel rooms and what kind of food they are eating which lets the followers get connected to their lives and see a new place via their eye.

This twitter post shows that people post their pictures of different locations while travelling so that others can see them.


Companies in tourism try to combine varied marketing techniques they used in the past and they analyses several specific factors in the process of developing communication mix strategy (type of tourism market, traveler readiness to make purchase, destination development stage, and the brand’s market share and positioning). (Brdaret al, 2014, p. 758)

It has become important for the travelers to post their images and comments about the vacation they go to so that their loved ones never miss seeing how beautiful and exciting memories have they created. When people’s friends go to a trip they tend to get feedback about the place they visited, hotel they stayed, food they ate, sightseeing etc. along with the pictures and videos also via social media. So if they like their posts and images they might want to go for a trip organized by the same travel company who organized the former’s trip. This increases the sale of the company as it gets more consumer because their service has been rated good online on social media. Hence, social media reviews and posts by the travelers not only let them share their experiences with their friends but also it affects the travel and tourism business.


1.)Bronner, F. and Hoog , R. (2013). Social media and consumer choice. International Journal of Market Research, 56(1).
2.) Živković, R., Gajić, J. and Brdar, I. (2014). THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON TOURISM. E-Business in tourism and hospitality industry.

Author: parz04

I am Parul .I am an enthusiast learner. I love to travel,dance and eat. I believe life is too short so we should live every moment joyfully. I love to write about social issues and interesting topics. I hope you have a good time reading my blog.

16 thoughts on “Social Media And Travel”

  1. Hi Parul,
    Social media and travel, it’s like a perfect topic for a blog. It was good read, liked the simplicity in your post, easy to read and understood the focus of your message. You should check out the blog by Matt (, a passionate traveler and his blog is all about how to travel cheaper with a range of videos and resources for your trip. He has a very engaging and an amazing looking website. I believe you should take a look, there’s a lot one can learn if interested in travel blogging.

    A few suggestions, I felt that your title could have been something more interesting like say, “My online travel diary and how it’s changing the world!”, just a suggestion to give you an idea that I felt could grab your audience attention. Liked how you used your own travel photo on the blog, maybe you should consider using more of your click on the next travel post, it’s not mandatory but it would just add into the personal identity of your blog . Overall, amazing job! Looking forward to your next post.


  2. Hi Parul,
    I am also writing a blog about social media and travels and it’s fun to see that even if we have taken the same topic our blogs have completely different contents. Anyway, I’ve found your blog really good!
    I like your different use of tweeter to show your idea but also a picture and a poll. Maybe instead of using pictures by Creative Comment you should use more picture from your travels, or also share you pictures on Flickr and then use them on your post.
    Among the academic journals I’ve read for my next blog there is one that maybe you could like as well, I found it extremely interesting (

    Look forward to read your next one!



    1. Hi Talia
      Thank you for advising me that how i can work upon my blog to make it more efficient next time.I am glad you liked it overall.
      Thank you for your review.


  3. Hi Parul,

    I find it fascinating how travellers seem to spend so much time on their phones when they are away on holiday instead of focusing on the experience. It would be interesting to read about your thoughts on what motivates someone to post their travel pictures online.

    I noticed some minor typing errors in the blog that you may want to fix. There are a couple of instances where you have not put a space in between some words (families.Until; Brdaret al) and a few where you have not capitalised some words (twitter, snapchat).

    Overall though, a very enjoyable read.


    1. Hey Chris
      I am glad you liked it.And thank you for letting me know that where i can improve:) . I hope i come up woth a better blog next time.



  4. Hi Parul,

    This was an interesting exploration of the impact of social media on travel and tourism. It went beyond people sharing their travel photos, to look at how it has changed the way people research and book travel, as well as the importance of social media consumer advocacy through shared images and reviews.

    I recommend you use the Deakin university resources for proofreading and referencing as there are a few small errors in spelling and punctuation and reference citations you could address with help from these sources.

    Great use of images and your embedded tweets. I enjoyed reading this blog post and appreciate you sharing your insights into the changes social media is having on travel and tourism.



    1. Hi AJ
      Thank you so much for reading my blog and appreciating me.I am glad you liked it.I am happy that you pointed out some mistakes which I can work upon.I will try to live up to your expectations next time.


  5. Hi Parul,
    “Social media and travelling” seems to be an amazing topic which we always want to say something about. And you do really well on your blog. You have pointed out how travelling industry has changed since social media was appeared and developed. There is a good point that you highlight your quotes from the reading. The poll you make on Twitter fits tightly with the content. Love your picture as well.
    With an interesting topic, I think you could create a better headline. Also, that would be lovely if you have more engaging introduction so you can grab readers’ attention from first sight. Lastly, providing subheading makes readers follow your blog easier is also one of my suggestions.
    I hope you consider those suggestions above as the matter of opinion only. But I really enjoy your post. For sure I will read your next ones.


    1. thank you so much for reading it and appreciating it.I love the fact that you gave me some good suggestions so that I can create a better blog next time.I will definitely consider your suggestions.

      Regards Parul


  6. Hi Parul

    Interesting blog post on travel, a topic that I enjoy very much-both to read about as well as to actually experience. I like the way you have included relevant pictures as well as surveys. It could have been interesting to take a more personal ‘in the first person’ account in terms of how social media has impacted your travel. I also feel that while the text talks about how the traveler uses social media, the references talk more about how companies in the travel space use social media and it would have been more interesting to draw a connection or link between them. More specific examples of the companies would also have made it more interesting and relevant to the reader. For example you could have used Tripadvisor as an example of how people use social media in making their travel choices. Overall an interesting post.


    1. Thank you for your feedback Vani.I am glad you read it.Also, thank you for suggesting me some good ways in which i can make my blog look more presentable. 🙂


  7. Hey Parul,
    Your topic was probably one of the best chosen topics among all the blogs I’ve read recently. I was particularly pleased how you kept the messaging in the blog post were steady, simple and to the point.
    But as they say with great power comes great responsibility so there were few things which I felt could have made your post even better. The first being the blog title in the URL. It might be inclined towards the technical side of things but reading an URL should give some idea about the blog. Also, the picture posted could’ve been resized and center-aligned as right now its larger than the text area.
    Overall, I liked the simplicity in the post and the Twitter poll as well. Hope you travel more and post most pictures and reviews.



    1. Hey Nikhil
      Thank you so much for going through the blog. I am happy to see that you have pointed out the minor errors which i didn’t notice.I hope i don’t repeat these mistakes.But thank you for liking it.


  8. Hi Parul,

    This is an interesting topic to explore. Your post was a breeze to read and you made great insights of how social media have changed people’s travel experience. It would be good if you can elaborate further on the tourism companies by giving more examples and including hyperlinks. Nice choice of pictures, however you could incorporate more of your travel snaps to spice things up. Your conclusion can improved though for a better finish. Cant’t wait for your next post. Keep up the good work!

    Mei Ching


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